Thursday, November 26, 2015

the birth [2011]

a parcel (twined in gut/trembling)
arrived (of the U.S. mail/sweat-soaked)
at my door (off the hinges/kicked-in)     
              the birds (chirping/striking wicked postures) 
              gathered around (violent hunger/pecking) 
              in curiosity (eyes bleeding/darting)

       my Scoochie (a primary character/herself once a parcel) 
       who feared the post (unlike being peppered/stroked) 
       pointed out (from Baby Blue/speeding by) 
       that the package (a special delivery/carboard entity)
       was alive (stamped and spanked/a postage infant)

              the birds (frantic/lusting for blood)
              attacked the twine (carnivorous/knife-beaked)
              dissevering it (an umbilical feast/placental din-din)

                                   I shooed them (satiated/no longer posturing)
                                   with eager hands (striving/reaching for life)
                                   snatching the parcel (now my baby/a responsibility)
                                   from the porch (perhaps a pedestal/shrouded scale)

       I slammed the door (broken behind me/still a barrier)
       and ran down the hall (a hasty decision/awkward) 
       coddling the parcel (an instinct/confusion)
       and panting (deep breathing/a redundancy)
       into the bedroom (crickets/tumbleweeds)

my Scoochie (back from her drive/errands complete)
walked in behind me (not to be undone/a perambulator)
and we watched (without words/in awe)
as eyes developed (deep goggle/a penetration)
below the return address (previously unnoticed/now clear)

              VICKI & LARRY WOOD
              7654 BIRCKLAN DRIVE
              CANTON, MI 48187

                                   the birds reappeared (frantically chirping/observing)
                                   along the windowsill (a soapbox/bully pulpit)
                                   with bloody beaks (time crusted/still sharp)
                                   and a smug confidence (a collective/choir righteous)

       I placed the parcel (eye to eye/a connection)
       onto the bed (an arousal/inviting knowledge)
       and it began to spasm (a bouncing/ breaking free)

                     it shook (seams tearing/a rumble)
                     and then sprouted legs (full-size/clean-shaven)
                     as I looked on (in wonderment/transfixed)
                     and Scoochie gasped (startled/an initial realization)

              suddenly (establishing precedent/a contradiction)
              two arms burst forth (warm and inviting/tiny hands)
              and began reaching for me (an urgency/attraction)

                                   then the eyes (displaying strain/determination)
                                   began to rise (revealing a nose/revealing a mouth)
                                   and before I knew it (I knew nothing/I am anew)
                                   a beautiful head had formed (long blonde hair/alluring smile)

                            with a final push (gargantuan effort/a labor)
                            the box morphed entirely (breasts emerged/a rump)
                            exposing the body (a finish/soft white flesh)
                            of a fully formed (naked sweetness/an affirmation)
                            adult woman (no words/speechless)

                     the birds squawked (ca-caw ca-caw/a joyful noise)
                     and flapped their wings (celebration/a triumph)
                     against the glass (a chorus of chimes/a chamber music)
                     as I stood dumb (taken/arrested)
                     before the prone beauty (truly a gift/like no other)

seizing her opportunity (once in a lifetime/destiny)
Scoochie lept onto the bed (always the acrobat/daredevil)
and dove feet first (a courageous move/leap of faith)
into the neuter crotch (the unknown/a strange accommodation)
of the newborn (though not a child/quite clear)

              she moved around (seeking comfort/a good spot)
              and situated herself (adjusting organs/untangling arteries)
              until all I could see of her (always covert/a sneak)
              was her mouth (lips warm/properly moisturized)
              and she spoke (from between two legs/home): "Bear
I will be a voice for her
(though there will be others)
and we will be your wife
for all time
and 'til the end of the counting

              I did not misunderstand (always a bright one/a scholar)
              and extended a hand (helped her assimilate/dressed her)
              as the birds flew off (plans to make/very attentive)
              and I decided (working the wise/persuaded)
              not to return her (she was mine/a new address)

                            we were married (dogs as bridesmaids/all the birds were there)
                            on the 24th of September (in the backyard/tiki torches burning)
                            by the Postmaster General (cranky old zealot/bossy)
                            and despite some setbacks (dirty birds/the crazy)
                            we are one (and with rabbits/still one)

this is dedicated (a sincere appreciation/a tear in my eye)
to Scoochie (my love/my all-star)
for knowing (in infinite wisdom/super smart, talented, cool, pretty, etc.)
what needed to be done (a difficult task/I am not easy)
and when to do it ("now do it!"/"pet it!")

                                   THE END
                                   (...of the county)

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