Friday, February 5, 2016

lists [2010]

I have had
another's hearing in my ears
Bronko's leather in my hands
gold medals pinned to my chest
a well-focused landscape before me
a series of moments behind the wheel
and a dip in Olson's sea

I have had
nocturnal fits of animal rage
showers that have failed to rinse me
inferior efforts given recognition
a face-to-face with an eight-point ghost
a carbon-copy of enlightenment
and a thoughtfully emptied bowel

I have had
no way to get back to the center
my gut scarred by forbidden gravel
the curtains drawn for months at a time
a recurring dream that is not true
a full season of restorative health
and a hopping pair of gifts

I have had
1 legitimate brush with death
2 instruments touching God
3 years of enlightened solitude
a saintly approach to taking
a friend who would not betray me
and a slow     gradual awakening


I have had
more lists than I've had hairs on my head

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