Saturday, June 13, 2015

spots outside [2011]

  "I was born a while ago, 
then I lived for a while, 
and then I am still living."
--Aaron Perry

what isn't a closet isn't the room honored
by chanting     to the hum of an exhaust fan
the secondary tune     a composite drone
quiet and silence accompany shuffling loss

an apprenticed body is to be moved about 
in passive blue     as acting lonely gathers
empty     and earthen green crates are to be placed
alongside the stunned     at the perimeter

counting spaces is passing time     visiting
the cold shipping cause     and by plane some report
a depiction of regret     a slap blessing
tucking blouses into faded corduroy pants

all that could be known about another is fine
when shaken     spots outside reveal a lost walk
in worn heels and narrow shirt sleeves     they struggle
momentarily     with the forms that plague them

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