Tuesday, June 23, 2015

the cheese [2012]

"Ring Christmas bells
Merrily ring
Tell all the world
Cheese is my king"
-- Bill Lewis

A distress heaven is in the heart, poised for passage into the knuckles and pillow.  
But communism is peevish here, underlined, as it is, in an electrical red.  

          Do the planks hold up the haven as the links do the frame?

Coiled behind the register, a narrow skeleton addresses an itinerary of penitences.  
Blasphemous approximations of grout and gravel are meant to be served to a 
camera as improbabilities.  

Is the black working in conjunction with the white?

The staircase is wandering all over the blank space of the page, and the lesson 
in this is the wallpaper.  Apparitions make gestures toward housing in an attempt 
to understand their corridors. 

          Is this particular vent superficial or is the wall crying?

And if the king were anything but a clotted howler, the seizure of the background 
would be unnecessary.  Though it is precarious, the shoulder twitches when 
the shade is drawn.

Are these tight commands in the manner of controlled density?

                                                            (this is another way of saying "chest pains")

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