Monday, July 20, 2015

the mix [2012]

"The more intensively the work of art destroys
rational objective logic, the greater the
possibilities of artistic form."
-- Kurt Schwitters
                                                 it seems their simple static
                                                 will not (soon) be enough

                                                 what they are needing now is
                                                 the keen nettling noise
                                                 of us
where it is damp and lit by troubled light     a conversation was stilted
                                                                                  and a noise manifested
                                                                                  as a physical being and
                                                                                  assaulted unconscious sitters     and
                                                                                          several sing-songers 
                                                                                  eating ginger snaps     choked

-- a much-the-same SEVERAL of them WENT BAREFOOT --

                                                                                  and there was an intermission

meanwhile: thunderous was
                     upon stages     an altar
                     he...     with...     placed images between blades
                                                      upon a white smoke
                     a not sharp singled
                     sliced (out) left on spindly legs shifting
                     on legs broken bent     ached
                     and wondered (wander)     [across the room     she pinned him contradictory
                                                                                                 against a spinning clock]
                     what legs sprouted roots at...     at
                     the wall he held soft     and she danced across cables
                     and she later appeared as a card
                              a card

                     "...voided voices still..."

                     crying     curling     canceling
                     (all but she)     and hours of unjust watching     (and he)
                     went unseen up the stairs
                     into an adulterous night

❋     ❋     ❋     ❋     ❋

  Later, damp and hunched beneath the first of many dropped ceilings, one struck, upon an unsoiled mattress, the tentative, virginal rhythm of an ulterior tribe, while two recited consistent poems, as dueling manifestos, and another choked the neck of another.  When eventually they rose from this fundament, stained and moist, only one walked away, leaving the others to form the band.
  The band consisted of the poets, and a skate-punk; a gifted entertainer, and his gangly, irregular sidekick; a confrontational, closeted homosexual, and another just biding his time.  These were the original basement slouchers, and they were awkward.  And they were, of course, great.  In addition, throughout the years, they occasionally sought augmentation, for elemental reasons, and several odd others joined in, including: a long-haired metal scholar, a thickset daddy's boy, an imperial in flannel, a boisterous instigator, and a wailing, suicidal maniac.

                                                  it is not the whorl of static that
                                                  impedes the doubling of you in
                                                  speckled chiaroscuro
                                                  it is not the cold manipulation of
                                                  circuitous squealing nothing that
                                                  is alarming you

                                                           it is the feedback
when everyone else closed their alcohol eyes and smiled asleep in the next room
a collaboration was discussed
an atonal cacophony of rhythms and phonemes
as a coda

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