Sunday, July 26, 2015

summer vacation [2011]

she read through the least of his interpretations and found them inconsistent 
with the most humorously paced panels     turkey-ass     tom kha gai     tornadong     
and a diversity of anxieties was rendered solid without having been subjected to 
his extensive measuring     3.6"     7.75"     1.2'"
  (this was found to be unstable     even as a specifically myopic language)

ever the estranged sister     she found scientific ways to associate herself with 
his audience     lifting heavy computations with traditional grammar     smart-ass     
smoky failure     s'math     while strangling within herself the practice of 
atemporal superstitions     fear-mongering     phantoms     phonello

  (even revitalized     this was a metamorphic confusion)

so the tension built in relation to the sentience     while her connection to his 
inaccurate pluralities eroded in the desert sun     and the only legible water became 
incoherent     what     waffle     wangdangdoodle     outside of the concept of 
universal nudity     tattooed     tallywhacker     trunderflow

  (this is where the dream breaks     and begins smothering tradition)


she donned her sunglasses and regarded his brightness with a vague subjectivity     
finding she was not indebted to his circumstance     shit-heel     shirker     shamkerrang     
and as she aligned herself with prurient transcendentalists     she became a course of dust     
doo-rag     dune-buggy     duraveller

  (he smiled as he misunderstood     and attempted to engage 
                                        with her cloud)

                                        HOW DID YOU SPEND YOURS?

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