Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Early-Evening Gauze [2015]

The music is too loud here, and unbalanced, and its scratches seem to have been created by someone operating within the metric system.  Math or art, it doesn't seem to matter, and fertility doesn't have a damned thing to do with it, so…  […]  It's my turn to use the restroom.  […]  What was it that was said about polygamy?  […]  A necklace, the kind with the little charms…  It's a restoration project!  […]  And then some guy jumped onto the hood of my car, waving a filthy rag toward the windshield, and screaming:  "Window man!" Window man!"  […]  I WAS married, but we got all into this thing, this argument about transubstantiation, and I just bailed.  […]  Absence.  The portrait is — more than anything else — about absence, or revelation and disappearance, or grace…  […]  Is it hot in here?

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