Sunday, September 13, 2015

mismemorial [2011]

I misremember nothing like it

            the gift misremembers
  where it had been 
  and its wrapping

            to witch here     (ripped freeway)
  is to raise an infant from the wreckage
with Ouija fingers     and naivety

nothing it misremembered like survival

  and the sweat
  it misremembers is
  its relation to giving

            to witch there     (left with twin)
            was to re-watch the communication
of the flap failure     from within

misremembering it is an expertise

  and it was given birth
                        in straining memory
  of its misremembers

  to witch then     (blue-black eyes)
would be to count back from 156
to 1 weeping     2 honest lies

I misremember it like nothing

  like the selfish air
  as it misremembers
  its gift of flight
  to witch now     (rendering)
is to sweep our ash athwart the ghosts
           and witness     a living thing

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