Tuesday, September 29, 2015

regarding [2010]

a sadness
a time of funerals
a winter wedding
     or school
cycling life
through nature and religion
art and science
mythology and folklore
     as glossary terms
friends and enemies
recently added
     by most popular
     or first line
(pets and other animals
are social commentaries
on occasion)

there are 2774 poems about relationships
also anniversaries and Father's day
and some others regarding past issues
mostly tearjerkers nonetheless 

this one is off the shelf
a contact
an announcement
a submission
the foundation to be considered
     beyond all resources
     and shared with
     those who have registered
     to receive the e-mail newsletter


we are learning like children
collecting like mosquitos in humidity
passing from degree to degree
tapping out polyrhythmic lines
     and taking up residency in every hall

I have written 5 months and regard this as my Post-Modernist period

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