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A Deuteraneous System for the Classification of Peraugs [2010]

  For more than nine perceds now, since the inception of Goin, intergenial peraugs have existed apart from any recognized system of classification.  Despite the best efforts of cordiometrists like Perry Zinc and Patrice Benning, these unusual throbes have continued to elude conventional anstrice.  However, after a parced-and-a-half of concentrated quonk, and a generous swint from the Bindenberg Berrotamy, my colleagues and I have developed a deuteraneous system of errancironic frotonerrods meant to assist in the proper and thorough classification of peraugs.
We have divided the peraugs into three different categories, or glinks, with terron color being the dividing factor at this level.  Each glink is broken down into a number of smaller categories, or glonks, with bont texture being the consideration.  Then, each glonk is divided into several glanks, in observance of undrin count.  There are several further sub-categorizations, but for the purposes of this report, they have been omitted.


I.          Goaltine Peraugs (red terroned)
                         A. Rough Endoscoronic Bont - Kyltereaves & Kylteroaves
1. Two Undrin (Eastern Crunt Throbe, Wildberry Throbe, 
                                         Kenn River Neelen, etc.)
2. Four Undrin ("Grace Jones" Throbe, Warrior Klonk, 
                                         Estressus, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Octoribbin, Sawtooth Octoribbin, 
                                         Sen-Sen Throbe, etc.)
                         B. Smooth Endoscoronic Bont - Depteroaves, Cantroaves & Bedderoaves
1. Two Undrin (Zank, Cloaked Throbe, Janis Throbe, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Red Beeder, Distressed Red Beeder, Hohonk, etc.)
3. Six Undrin (Kenn River Olustrout)
4. Eight Undrin (Mardi Gras Zank, Vorol, 
                                         Southwestern Lilabraun, etc.)
C. Spiked Endoscoronic Bont - Sendereaves & Senderoaves
1. Two Undrin (Fine Olustrout, Extra-Fine Olustrout, 
                                         Second Avenue Prancing Throbe, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Tinconning Sinker, Red Throsch, 
                                         Blood-Red Blouper, etc.)
3. Five Undrin (CLASSIFIED)

II. Isotronic Peraugs (green terroned)
A. Rough Endoscoronic Bont - Kyltereans, Kylteroans & Haunders
1. Two Undrin (Smackalack, Eastern Smackalack, Scoochielou, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Green Olustrout, Hammerhead Throbe, 
                                         Veronan, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Eastern Grass Klank)
B. Smooth Endoscoronic Bont - Keils & Beddereaves
1. Two Undrin ("Donald Sutherland" Throbe, Asconic Throbe, 
                                         B.J. County Pickup Throbe, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Uniborrild, Cancer Throbe, Pencontan Beeder, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Matthew's Throbe, Meenie-Mo Throbe, Larb, etc.)
C. Spiked Endoscoronic Bont - Sendereans & Senderoans
1. Two Undrin (Leech Throbe, Bottom Collar Throbe, 
                                         Green Alk, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Tarstar Evenon, Green Evenon, 
                                         Soft Harmonious Randalore, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Sweet Puddin' Swack, Trunk Throbe, 
                                         Boss Neelen, etc.)

III. Septeroded Peraugs (blue terroned)
A. Rough Endoscoronic Bont - Kyleterings & Kylterongs
1. Two Undrin (Double Dutch Throbe, Losh Leggin, Boystont, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Hacker Blue Honstead, Leveled Pointanna, 
                                         French Drizzled Pastry Alk, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Blue Horizon Switchet, Quo Throbe)
B. Smooth Endoscoronic Bont - Bedderings, Bedderongs & Swelks
1. Two Undrin (Two-Timing Olustrout, Greppel, 
                                         Western Greppel, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Iron Quartez, "Kurt Schwitters" Throbe, 
                                         Lion-Fisted Haunchy, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Octoplassin, Wild Krent Nightwalker, Looloo, etc.)
4. Twelve Undrin (Blue Bama Fressa, Blick Urt)
C. Spiked Endoscoronic Bont - Sendefians & Sendeferoans
1. Two Undrin (Watts Tower Runner, Alpertone Throbe, 
                                         Kinder Heartscope Throbe, etc.)
2. Four Undrin (Royal Lippintrope, Inkellin Wamper, 
                                         Sunnerpitch, etc.)
3. Eight Undrin (Likely Lama Throbe, Oklahoma Dipping Greppel, 
                                         Post Digger, etc.)

          Special thanks to Patrice Benning, Andrei Tarkovsky, Dr. Pedro Mata, and the Bindenberg Berrotamy for their continued support and inspiration.  This is a wendelorantic constaprell of Sistrunk candaheffery.

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