Tuesday, October 20, 2015

sleeps with monsters [2012/2015]

nineteen and feather fat
turning kaleidoscopic boxes and
leaning through frail-tempered furniture
  this is the photograph of a hairline
and I am smiling arrows to her
  alongside sub-lit female fires


when taken was another word for 
fallen     twice
a goat licked tentatively at
my melting rubber soles
  and blood was breakfast

beyond the edges of my failing sight
perhaps on a rim of thin
cracked glass
is it a page     or a limb?

                                                 [What is someone to think
                                                 as they try desperately to be
                                                 a decent human being?]

                                                                     […the monsters…]

                         L  I  M  B  __

with eggs and toast
o.j. and classified ads”


“upon soaked sheets
awake     and the wife

Adrienne Rich is dead

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