Thursday, October 22, 2015

warm [2011]

  is warm
is warm     air
is warm     air in
is warm     erred
is warm     erred in inning
is warm     erred in sinning
is warm erred in sinning
is warm erred in sinning?

undo all grown
(if only all undo)

see sinning grooving un-grooving
see sinning grooving     un-grooming
soggy un-grooming     air knock warm in
undo lubing 
undo lubing     undone in
  nicked got

dare so doored and see erred
ills     dies     what
dare so doored and see shared
ills     dies     want

is warm erred in sinning?

see grooming un-door sin
and nicked more
see wording nicked wise
air finding warm lied
air nicking sick spin
kinder sickening lead in
sprocket     see grooving     sinning

                                    it's calm and still     as still air knocking
  it's common warm die     a mirror all

itch     grab     grass     dew
undress grabbed ouch dare worm
undress singing door sod     see grabbing

          is warm erred in sinning?

oh whiner     oh kinder     oh namer     oh dew
warm games spinning grooving

                      oh dew grass
  (un-itch grab) (un-itch grab)
                      grab groove
make dessert

a warm error

a naked sharer

a grabbing spinner

a singing door
a lubing desert

un-dream     finger warm-winning watch     answer in
undone air
un-warm is

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