Friday, October 30, 2015

forebear's (version) [2011]

the beloved Korean Carnivore     
Boris     choreographed barefoot (...)
foreign herbivores but     careening 
Deforestation pallbearers threatened
(his) fair theoretical lore (dancing)


(he) evermore explored barely (a) gored
bear     his Corporeal cat (thrusting)
and beardy     (a) chore deplored an (...)
over Earth     the folklore Boris dropped
(bombs) long referred (to) by found (lamenters)

  (as) Earl

overbearing barefaced Dolores (...)
the Baltimore of fluorescent (grievers)
(found) early and colored laborer's (sheets)
(in) the arena of earthy earnest
(results)     (went) east to a forest and


  Boris caressed uncensored bearish whores
and implored the hardcore to jamboree
by the shore of a Florence sophomore
and when careers were named oregano
his feared galore of earned store herbivores

(danced free)


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