Monday, August 3, 2015

how the afternoon became animated and informed a generation of evenings [2012]

surprise     brunch is a paragraph
a prelude in boysenberry
           pinching Steamboat Willie and a Johnny Mathis song and dirty laundry 
            and a name tag

stanching language from 
a seized buddhist sphincter is 
a feat and
           like so many Dodie Bellamy(s)
this is plural     jiggered

also a doohickey

she would animate Disney from
behind     (an electric wreckage)
with cocks for throttled tongues
and partitions for

afternoon abrasions are 
acts in cracking progress...

"I can go to Belladodie right now and read the material from The Buddhist presented in a much more colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and multi-dimensional format.  Add to these elements the fact that it doesn't cost me anything to read from your blog, and I begin to wonder:  in what way, or ways, is it beneficial to have this work published as a "book", especially considering that you're dealing with a publisher that exists almost entirely within the same realm as your blog, and doesn't have the promotional capacities of a more "traditional" publishing house?"

"[     ]?  It's Dodie."
                        " the only way I keep up with my life.  I like acting immoral..."
"...on cold hard concrete.  I don't think it..."
"...I'm also unsure whether something happened or..."
" imagined it.  It had been boarded up, so I just gave her..."
"...a glance at Kevin, gathered the stuff, imagined it when The Buddhist..."
"...the windows to see the market..."
"...turns out...that appealed to dirty old men.  I wondered if he had dipped into..."
"...for magazines.  And...The Buddhist is absolutely next?  Whatever..."
"...can an acid..."
"...isn't my name.   Consider how long I on that...list..."
"...feeling what you're...I've done before..."
" all illegal..."
"[     ]?  [     ]?"
...and a conversation is 
harmonic gossip    (an erasure irradiated)

and mammoth animals
populate me and the stage
and someone went home

[the learned man in 
the close-fitting tee
tricked me with subtitles
and absconded with
my Solution Passage]

then seventeen of us     retired to
an undisclosed location and
talked into deteriorating
            and we ate Tabouli and flipped through Richard Tuttle's pages and chuckled and
            dodged marauding children and stared also questions through Dodie's forehead and

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  1. this is really great. I love it. It's amazing how you can get the visual to work on the blog space page. But also the variety of textual tone + visual movement really captures the performance and the language aspect of the experience. Maybe play with it further on the (real) page and see what you can do even more with white space, whatnot. nice.