Sunday, August 23, 2015

Occupy Sonnets, 16-20 [2011]


someone is gratified)     who has so much less
how to critique capitalism in such a
dialogue underground     the freeway is numb
trances)     in situations where aggression
seems a bit perverse     assets and the shrinking
self-interested     (aspects of our nature

for all the trappings of the formal     comfort
(though there can be competition between these blocs)
the inhuman     and antidemocratic
critics now compare (police forces) to cancer
and those who resist)     sometimes win victories

accelerating extinction of the species

❊     ❊     ❊     ❊     ❊


law     (and injustice as we know it today
they're not your ideas anyway     (at work
a person is defined as a legal fiction
without medical treatment     decent shelter
I indicated     I just love Occupy
(you can see cops looking around for cameras)

some things deserve an emphatic fucking response
our families slept     on cash stuffed mattresses
my sister walked up to the teller     (nectars
chemicals poured into a Gatorade bottle
MIC CHECK (effective straight away) MIC CHECK ASSHOLES
we didn't hear it that way     forced eviction

we were watching     (live stream from Berkeley last night
two arrested outside of Cafe Ambrosia

❊     ❊     ❊     ❊     ❊


from the balcony down     the sidewalks we passed
I remember     being influenced by greed
in order to reverse Citizens United
privilege)     reported a lone dissenter
even though we hate them     the time is not now
let's give them a free shower

liberty)     the financial sector is soaked
the toasters laughed     spilling champagne on our heads
(we are making the same unanimous demand)
calm     eliminate the rights of "personhood"
for corporations     we believe in fairness
a constitutional fix     influencing

remember this tense moment     take this slogan
the crisis is capitalism and we drink

❊     ❊     ❊     ❊     ❊


call Obama's campaign HQ     (above ground
everyone wants to express their right to free speech
the financial sector     is a parasite
too big to fail is (leaving) too big to allow
anything erodes the right     (the foundation
they built a village in three days     keep sniffing

this is the cornerstone of our democracy
beneath the laps of the rich     are their crotches
there are 27 ways to help Occupy
best chance of an actual human)     talking
time     about the size of a pocket bible
we are 99%)     script idea

this is not football     he was kicked in the balls
we plan to hit the streets wearing protective gear

❊     ❊     ❊     ❊     ❊


closed the J.P. Morgan Chase account     (today
someone is gratified     they need a defeat
(loan sharks ate the associated terrorists)
in a race for campaign funds     from billionaires
to the hedge fund     lonely is a percentile
the president relies on these contributions

as some alcohols go down better with chasers
this will represent a marked difference     (blackout
especially among the wealthy     dropping
a tacit admission)     dominant donors
the Republican nomination is the key
they're not people     marked values and ideals

bankers got poor and thinner     in this country
for the first time ever     (I am not a loan

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