Sunday, January 24, 2016

1/2 hour to kill before class [2010]

drop-off THE TEAR JAR

(this morning's waiting is warm
and my cheeks are red with it
as learning begins to regurgitate)

                                                                    slide [s-l-i-d-e]

the legs of this
  meet the tile at
something other than
90 degrees
  and attractive is alight
upon them

under an abundance of it
nothing is more than two dance steps

shuffling through paper
and people
can cause an     imbalance

                                                                    if seen through
a frosted pane of glass

←from the other side of this

something else
is being said
when talking

"...wait for your talking outside, with a jacket and umbrella...or threats will be made...
...of you..."

(this sequence links to another which is you waiting)

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