Saturday, January 16, 2016

constant [2010]

two questions
dressed as women

...together with (a mystery poet) who
had the mushrooms prepared
for     a musician twiddling knobs and/or oiling pans...

a sound to ponder     certainly

but they are both foreign languages

so an interpreter has been dialed-up
for dinner     dessert     and coffee

"(this room is located in the hallway off the cafeteria that runs behind the gift shop) (when you enter the hallway from the cafeteria side     it would be the 2nd door on your right)    (you have to knock on it because it will be locked     but the trainer will be in the room already)"



PowerPoint: one might have offered different statistics
on the severity of childhood obesity
if they hadn't both been eating at the time
one might then have gone running
down the hallway with her sandwich
a short distance to find the trainer

...smiling as if he were     once again
back at Black Mountain...

while two individual individuals
with absurd questions of their own
made awkward ways for one another
across the parking lot at dawn

...after we returned from town
he resumed the lecture...

let me be the one
to reveal this     now

the sidewalk
the heat
the questions
the stairs
the packages
the purse
the barking dogs
the barking dogs
the husband

"pack-mule is
second nature
to me"
he says "things"
the difference being
when comparing the two
that one reveals an answer

...David Tudor

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